About Us

Spiced up History..
“ ... a hundred and fifty leagues thence is the Island of Ceylon, a wealthy island 300 leagues long, where there are lofty mountains; and it produces canella in greater abundance than any other place, and also of the finest quality..." The island of Ceilam - The Book of Duarte Barbosa, 1518 A.D
Centuries back in 1500 A.D, They sailed violent seas & crossed vast continents, civilizations were made & some destroyed, emperors were born & the last breath of thousands of lives joined the thin air. Sacrifices made, legends created and a nation's pride & wealth revolted around the precious spice which brought you here. CANELATÉ is privileged to unveil the world’s best kept secret.
The finest true cinnamon..
Pure Ceylon Cinnamon..!
Tale of Canelaté..
Started in 1950s by Charles Jayasinghe, stands strong with its three generations experience in Cinnamon farming, cultivation, value addition and whatnots. Our journey is inspiring and extremely proud of what our company stands for today from a tiny Cinnamon plantation in the southern part of the island of Sri Lanka. As the third generation custodian, we are much more focused on the value added forms of cinnamon to make ourselves closer to the end consumer of Ceylon cinnamon products while supporting our farming community.
Our Vision, is to make CANELATÉ to be the most preferred brand for Ceylon Cinnamon products around the globe and to be the universal language among all users because, we believe their differences make the ordinary world a better place. Hence we call ourselves ‘The Cinnamon Company’.
Our Mission, is to promote the goodness of Ceylon Cinnamon and make it available to all consumers across every continent.
Spicing up Lives..

Every CANELATÉ product you consume will bring a smile to our CANELATÉ family i.e. our farmers, growers, collectors, peelers to every individual in the value chain. In CANELATÉ, it’s a continuous process to understand our farmer needs to address their challenges to ensure viable futures for them to provide us long-term supplies of safe, quality Cinnamon. Sustainable farming practices are adopted while enriching the livelihood of our community.

We believe in fair trade, hence the benefit of our every sale will be shared across all our partner community (One third of the value of our raw Cinnamon goes back to our Cinnamon peelers).