B2B Division

Large and medium scale manufacturers around the world use Ceylon Cinnamon in various industries as an ingredient in their products or to extract specific compositions/ formulas from Cinnamon for further processing and manufacturing of different products.


Our mission is to make available the goodness of Ceylon Cinnamon to all humans for their health and well being. This promise of ours shall only be fulfilled by not only selling products directly to our consumers but by also partnering with the businesses who use cinnamon for further processing to make various forms of products. This will help the goodness/benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon to reach different demographics and benefit increased number of people around the globe.


Our B2B supply comes in different forms from Bale Cinnamon, Cut Cinnamon, to Powders in both organic and conventional forms. Also we have a special catering pack for HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés) and Bakery.


Every business is unique and that makes you stand out the competition. We understand this rule of thumb and therefore open to cater customized requirements for any business.


It’s Not Just Business, It’s a Promise!

All our B2B products will carry a ‘Country of Origin Certificate’ irrespective of the order quantity. We obtain this from Sri Lanka government despite the costs to give an assurance to the customer that all our products are of Sri Lankan origin. This is because True Cinnamon only comes from Sri Lanka and market is flooded with lots of fake products with unbelievably cheap price tags for Ceylon Cinnamon. All these steps ensure that the price you pay, worth the Cinnamon you get from the authentic origin.

All our products are sourced directly from local farmers. Especially, traceability of organic produce is ensured as we buy from certified organic farm bases and transaction certificates are obtained for each batch we procure.

We at CANELATÉ live by our promise, catering the world’s best Cinnamon, Ceylon Cinnamon directly from the origin!