Organic ALBA Grade Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, Individually Wrapped
Organic ALBA Grade Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, Individually Wrapped
Organic ALBA Grade Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, Individually Wrapped
Organic ALBA Grade Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, Individually Wrapped

Organic ALBA Grade Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, Individually Wrapped

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Ever tried a pencil kind of a cinnamon stick? Yes, they do exist and here we unfold the unrealistically realistic story of the world's finest grade of cinnamon.

Passed down from generations, only a handful of craftsmen in the world carry the expertise to make the perfect cinnamon stick, the most exquisite grade of Ceylon cinnamon: ALBA. 

Not every cinnamon tree produces the highest grade of cinnamon. It needs proper screening and careful selection of the best cinnamon plants by the expert peelers to perfect the art of handcrafting it. Finest layers of cinnamon bark are then peeled, cleaned and stuffed again with the smaller finer pieces of outer bark and rolled to make the ALBA grade, which literally has the purest cinnamon stuffed inside. It involves several rounds of rolling after a few stages of natural air drying to tighten the stuffed filling to get the final ALBA cinnamon stick which is the thinnest version of Ceylon cinnamon available on earth.

We thank you for being part of our commitment to preserve this skill for next generations and bring a smile to our CANELATÉ farmer community


Tips to Use

- Take your cocktail game to the next level with CANELATÉ Alba cinnamon. If you are preparing cocktails for the weekend party at your place with friends, Alba cinnamon sticks will be the artisanal highlight to complement your cocktail skills in addition to its subtle flavor infusion. Oh, don’t forget the chilled beer too ;)

- Try Cinnamon sticks for cooking; from curries to making soups, stews which will give a subtle delicate flavor to your favorite dishes.

- Desserts & Cinnamon are not two! Alba grade is the perfect cinnamon stick to grate for dessert garnishing due to its soft layers. Also it enriches the desserts with a warm and cozy touch with its heavenly aroma & flavor

- Have you ever thought of using Cinnamon in your hot and cold beverages? A stick of Cinnamon in your coffee, tea or adding a cinnamon stick in your favorite smoothie or shake will not only give a different aesthetic but also a whole new beverage experience. 

 Product Features

  • Individually wrapped 
  • Handcrafted and selectively sorted and picked
  • ALBA grade cinnamon sticks, 7inch (17.8cm) in length and 6mm diameter
  • 9 cinnamon sticks, approx. 36-41g (1.27-1.45Oz)
  • Sustainable packaging - Wrapped in specially made recycled paper from banana leaves
  • Comes in a drawstring pouch with twill made from gray cloth
  • 100% pure, Natural and Organic
  • Plant based, 100% vegan friendly
  • Non-GMO & Gluten Free
  • Zero additives, Free from Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)/ bleaching
  • Ultra low Coumarin levels which is considered safe to consume(Regular Cassia has high Coumarin levels which can cause liver damage)
  • Shelf life - 24 months
  • Product origin - Sri Lanka
  • Sourced from our certified organic farmers in Sri Lanka
  • Meets Sri Lanka SLS-81 Export Quality Standards
  • Cinnamon is categorized by FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)
  • Daily intake must not exceed 1.25 tsp/day according to the US department of Health
  • Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing or already taking special medicine

Disclaimer: Cinnamon does not act as a replacement for any prescribed medicine

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